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When you like to Rent a Car and Dive with us please order the car separate from your diving activity’s.

Complete your order first, then order dive gear or guided dives etc. 

This is not aplicible if you do use everyting for the same amount of days and date.

At Bon Bini Car Rental Bonaire there is a nice car for everyone.
Choose a car from one of our category’s, and explore the beautiful island of Bonaire. See what the island has to offer you. 
For instance, our small economy car Chevy Spark is a perfect car to drive around the island and come on all hardened roads. 
The sedan Chevy Aveo is a good family car with enough room in the trunk to carry your beach items. 
The SUV Chevy Trailblazer is the dream car you want to drive, gas is cheap on the island and a big 6 cylinder 4.2liter 300hp engine will bring you every where.
The Isuzu D-Max Pickup-truck diesel and the Chevrolet Colorado are the perfect dive trucks to use on Bonaire. A dive tank rack and 2 box’s for your dive gear will be provide so you can easily move your gear and tanks for diving.
The cars are well maintained, and we provide you a 100% satisfaction factor.
On Bonaire there are very few taxi’s, (and no taxis in the evening / night) and most restaurants and beaches are a 15 minute drive from your apartment or hotel.
Guided Dives: 
We provide the possibility to dive with an experienced Divemaster who knows a lot about the underwater world.
Bonaire has over 80 official dive sites to choose from. Our experienced divemaster can guide you on the dive site of your choice.
Dive Courses:
Bon Bini diving offers a full range of PADI diving courses from Beginner Certification through to Professional, Our experienced and knowledgeable diving instructors have been through PADI’s (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) rigorous training procedures and have tought hundreds of people to dive. We want you to get the most out of your diving lessons and so we teach in very small groups, maximum of 4 pax. 
Dive Equipment:
If you need to rent dive equipment, Bon Bini Diving can provide all the dive gear you need. 
If you fill in the sign in form we will make sure that everything you need will be ready for you on your arrival.
We can deliver the equipment at your vacation address.
Guided Snorkelling Trips:
If your not into diving but still want to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world we can take you on a guided snorkel trip. Our guide is a Divemaster and Free diver. He will show you some beautiful places and inform you about the different corals and the colourful fish of Bonaire.
Before the trip we will meet you at your vacation address. 
Bon Bini Surveyors is a survey company who will help you with your vessel survey, read the information below about who we are and what we do.
We do the following surveys,
  • Insurance survey
  • Condition Survey
  • Value Survey
  • intermediate survey
  • Pre purchase Survey
Check the website to find more information about us.
Surveyor Information
The surveyor is a qualified Maritime Officer all Ships, SAS Officer, Stuurman Alle Schepen,  WAV Wheelman All Vessels, withe a additional MAROF Certification.
This means he is qualified to do visual inspections and recommendations about vessels. 
Background Surveyor,
  • Owned multiple vessels in all category’s from 2m/6.5ft till 12m/ 39.37ft.
  • Sailed on multiple sailing vessels, 1 mast till 3 masts. size; 10m/32.8ft till 50m/164ft.
  • Cargo vessels: Multipurpose vessels, Container vessels, Bulk carriers and Cruise vessels. size; 100m / 328ft till 280m/ 918.6ft.
  • Royal Netherlands Navy. size; conversational. 
On Bonaire we’ve already helped multiple vessels to pass the ships inspection for the past 3 years.
Our Partners from Bon Bini Group are here to give you the best apartment or B&B Experience.
Read all of there information in the Partner page.

See our Social media to know how people did exertions us.


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